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Welcome to Biodynamic Terroirs

                       Biodynamic Terroirs is dedicated to Biodynamic Agriculture consulting on the West Coast of the United States.

   It specializes in the conversion of vineyards to Biodynamic Agriculture and has a deep connivance with the arts of Music and Eurythmy.

Early Morning Horn Silica Spray 


Biodynamic Agriculture originated in a course of lectures at Koberwitz in 1924, held at the respect of a group of farmers concerned about the destructive trend of ‘scientific’ farming.

Biodynamic agriculture aims to produce food of the highest quality, free of artificial additives, but rich in the living forces that stream into our Earth from the cosmos. Biodynamic involves practice using preparations made from natural substances such as herbs, cow manure and quartz crystals, all prepared within Nature’s law to bring vitality to the environment, especially to our soils.

Applying these preparations allow man to consciously re-create the link between Nature’s world and the Spiritual worlds. To apply the Biodynamic preparations during the vine's year cycle one refers to an astronomical sowing and planting calendar.

Philippe Armenier's experience with biodynamic agriculture can be found in his immersion for now 20 years in the tremendous body of work left by the scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Best known as Anthroposophy, which includes biodynamic farming, Waldorf Schools, Art, Medicine and Eurythmy, his science offers "a path of knowledge leading from the spiritual in man to the spiritual in the universe".
Former owner of Domaine de Marcoux at Chateauneuf-du-Pape, France; Philippe Armenier now lives in California, and has consulted over 40 wineries in California, Oregon and Washington, which represents more than 3000 acres.










The spirit of biodynamic agriculture is to be sought in the imaginative consciousness of the human being who sets his artistic capacities to the service of the becoming of the Earth.
This presentation will take the form of dialogues between a Biodynamist, a Musician and a Eurythmist. A 3x3 perspective of the subject matter allows the participants to alternately unfold their respective fields of study, to weave a picture of the moral action/spiritual verticality, of biodynamic agriculture.
A short eurythmy performance will conclude the lecture, rendering perceptible the working analogy:

Biodynamic Agriculture is to Agriculture what Eurythmy is to Music.

March 31st, 2016
Philippe Armenier - biodynamic consultant
Brigitte Armenier - pianist
Gabrielle Armenier - eurythmist



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